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Easter egg tree

The tradition of decorating eggs dates back to the ancient Persians, known as Zoroastrians, who painted eggs for Nowrooz, their new year celebration during the spring. In Christian times the egg was used as a symbol of new life and resurrection and to represent Jesus’s emergence from the tomb. Today, many cultures all over the world decorate eggs for Easter to celebrate the end of winter and the emergence of spring’s new life.

Easter Egg hunts and egg rolling are also long-standing traditions. The first ever White House Easter Egg Roll occurred in 1878 and has been a tradition on the Monday after Easter ever since. PAAS® has been one of the few sponsors allowed on the South Lawn for over 25 years!

Many people also create festive Easter Egg trees. The eggs are hollowed out prior to dyeing and decorating, and then hung on the bare branches of a tree creating a colorful masterpiece!