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PAAS® Neon Molten Magic

Neon Molten Magic

New for 2017. Cover your eggs in a blast of color with PAAS ® Neon Molten Magic! By dripping neon crayon shavings over your eggs, you will create beautiful and completely unique results. No two eggs will look the same!

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PAAS® Mini-Monsters

Mini Monsters

Updated for 2017. Kids can turn eggs into fun Monsters using PAAS® Mini Monsters decorating kit! Be creative, now you can turn your egg decorating into a craft project using fuzzy hair, stickers and fun egg stand feet! Be silly and crazy with this fun kit!

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PAAS® Piñata Eggs

Pinata Eggs

Crack open a fun surprise with PAAS® Piñata Eggs Decorating kit this Easter. This decorating kit is inspired by the Mexican tradition of making Cascarones. This kit gives you everything you need to create confetti filled eggs at home. Bring the whole family together to continue the Easter celebration and create new traditions!

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PAAS® Cupcake Eggs

Cupcake Eggs

PAAS® Cupcake Egg Decorating kit allows you to create colorful and cute eggs that look good enough to eat! This adorable kit features unique egg wraps that hold your decorated egg like a cupcake wrapper. Includes glitter and Easter themed cupcake toppers allow you to create a wide variety of eggs that look like cupcakes!

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Dip & Dye

Create trendy color block or dip dyed eggs with PAAS® Dip & Dye. This kit comes with an easy to use dyeing tray that makes achieving great results effortless.

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PAAS® Egg Artist Kit

Egg Artist

This kit allows your inner artist to really shine. The paint colors can be combined to create even more colors, and the glitter can be added to make a sparkling masterpiece. The included paint palette holds the egg in place while decorating while making you feel like a real artist.

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PAAS® Sparklin Glitter Kit

Sparkling Glitter

Combine the fun of traditional egg coloring with the magical sparkle of a glittery finish for unique and beautiful Easter eggs. The result is a sparkling egg display that’s easy to create but looks as if you spent hours decorating each one.

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PAAS® Deggorating Party package

Deggorating Party

Decorate a dozen eggs a dozen different ways with this PAAS® 9 in 1 Deggorating party Kit. This kit is perfect for the whole family! Decorating activities include dyeing, glitter, speckle, bead, stickers, stripe, draw, paint and sequins.

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PAAS® Flashy Foil

Flashy Foil

Create a one of a kind egg with the Flashy Foil decorating kit! Choose a colorful foil and begin transforming your ordinary egg into a shining display for everyone to see!

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