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Simple Elegance Egg Decorating Kits

Botanical Flowers Kit

Botanical Flowers

Transform ordinary eggs into something truly stunning with PAAS® Simple Elegance Botanical FlowersView back of package

Robin Eggs Kit

Robin Eggs

PAAS® Simple Elegance Robin Eggs Decorating kit allows you to create elegant robin eggs that look real enough to have come from Mother Nature herself! This adorable kit features a speckling technique to achieve an authentic robin egg look while gold accents provide style embellishments.

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Robin Eggs Kit

Simply Bunnies

PAAS® Simple Elegance Simply Bunnies transforms ordinary eggs into adorable bunnies in minutes. This kit features colorful felt ears and enough stickers to create a whole fluffle of bunnies! It’s a simple way to decorate eggs the whole family will love.

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Metallic Silhouettes Kit

Metallic Silhouettes

Uncover your sophisticated side with PAAS® Simple Elegance Metallic Silhouettes Decorating Kit! This kit now makes it’s easier than ever to decorate eggs using iconic Easter shapes with a metallic finish. It’s a simple way to get an intricate design!

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