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Themed Easter Egg Decorating Kits

High Gloss Finish Kit

High Gloss Finish

PAAS® High Gloss Finish provides the ultimate glossy effect that shines like a candy apple! Simply dye your eggs and apply the gloss to create the perfect, polished look. Even the Easter himself will love these shiny eggs!

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Emoji Easter Eggs Kit

Emoji Eggs

Tapping into your favorite facial expressions has never been more fun than with PAAS® Emoji Eggs. Decorating colorful Easter eggs with a variety of popular emoji stickers has never been easier. You will “laugh out loud” bringing your favorite emojis to life on eggs.

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PAAS® Egg Heads Kit

Egg Heads

Easter Eggs have always been colorful and fun, but now they can be full of personality! Fabulous paper hats and funny face stickers add character to your Easter egg decorating party

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Golden Shimmer Kit

Golden Shimmer

Add some shimmer to your Easter basket this year with PAAS® Golden Shimmer kit! This kit contains everything you need to make your eggs stand out amongst the rest. Use the metallic shimmer paints to make your eggs shimmer and shine or add a dash of glimmer to dyed eggs to create a unique design!

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Rainbow Color Kit

Rainbow Color

PAAS® Rainbow Color Egg Decorating kit is an innovative way to color Easter eggs using bright liquid egg dyes. Coloring eggs starts fast with these liquid dyes! Bright and even coloring happens again and again because you can dye dozens of eggs! Create every color of the rainbow with this kit!

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Marble Easter Egg Color Kit


Marvelously marbled eggs! A powerful color twists into beautiful shapes, with a lighter, paler color beneath. This kit lets you decorate your eggs in a unique and intriguing way.

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Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Sharing the traditions of Easter with your children is important and you can now express the stories of a favored pastime with PAAS® Easter Traditions kit! Easter Traditions kit contains all of the materials needed to not only decorate Easter eggs, but also tell the story of Easter.

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PAAS® Neon Egg dye


Brighten up your Easter baskets with PAAS® Neon Egg Decorating kit! This kit contains everything you need to make your eggs stand out amongst the rest. Use the bright glitter to make your eggs shine or magic crayon to create a unique design! The ultra bright neon dye colors are sure your make any bunny smile this Easter!

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PAAS® Tie Dye Kit

Tie Dye

Make the wildest, most unique egg designs imaginable. PAAS® Tie Dye kit makes it so easy! You never know what color surprise to expect, and that’s what makes Tie Dye so much fun!

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PAAS® Color Whip

Color Whip

New for 2018. PAAS® Color Whip is a new and exciting method to color eggs with liquid dye and food safe foam that you whip up in no time. This kit transforms ordinary eggs into colorful swirled Easter Eggs. Each egg has surprising colors and patterns, once the foam is removed off the egg.

PAAS® Nature’s Palette kit

Nature’s Palette kit

New for 2018. PAAS® Nature’s Palette kit transforms white eggs into soft color shades, using colors that are sourced from plants and other natural sources. Kit includes nature themed stickers for added embellishment.

PAAS® Shake & Color

Shake & Color

New for 2018. PAAS® Shake & Color a new and exciting method to color eggs with liquid dye and rice that transforms white eggs into beautiful pebbled masterpieces. Simply add rice and liquid dye to a shaker bag and watch the colors come to life. The more you shake, the more intense the speckled effect.